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Who needs a gym?

It has been snowing for two days now at my house. Enough already Mother Nature – we get your joke. Spring is in two days but I have to say the 30″+ of white fluffy powder I have shoveled would say otherwise. 

The positive side of winter storm Stella is that I had an adult snow day. Who doesn’t love snow days? 

Believe it or not there is a car under that enormous mound. I spent nearly 6 hours shoveling out from the winter storm. IT WAS AWFUL and a bit AWESOME! I got in quite the work out. My arm are sore and feeling good. 

What’s a task you do that is not in a gym but great exercise?

My list: 

  • Walking the dog
  • Raking 
  • Gardening
  • Playing with my kids
  • Mopping 

I am all about exercise with a purpose. Hopefully tomorrow when I have to return to work reality I’ll be able to type. 

Hopefully the snow will stop but we are supposed to get another 6 inches. 

Stay warm! 

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I am beyond blessed to be a mommy to three wonderful children.  For the most part they are well behaved. We can go out to restaurants or shop in stores and generally have a positive experience.  That being said it did not happen overnight. Took work. I remember in my late teens and early twenties going to restaurants or stores and getting annoyed when there was a tantruming child.  I am here to humbly say, I’m sorry. Parenthood can be difficult. When you’re younger you don’t realize that those parents with young children having a hard time in  stores or at the local pizza shop are probably using those annoying moments as teaching moments so eventually those children turn into respectable adults.  

Tonight, while at a local big box store and a pizza place I had those ANNOYING children. But there just that, children.   I had to use my Mom voice. I recall while in the checkout line saying, “you do not s scream in stores, others are trying to shop. Instead whisper.” Only got a few dirty glares.  Sorry, still needed groceries. 

As a child I remember often times being exhausted the week after school break. After going home, they played and went to bed! 

Speaking of playing, I don’t understand why my children have the toys they because no matter what toys they say they want they really only want the toy their sibling is playing with. Somedays they even bicker over the cardboard box my Amazon Prime delivery came in. It is so frustrating.  But who doesn’t love a good cardboard box and bubble wrap? 

Now as I children sleep peaceful I prepare for tomorrow and know just how lucky I am to have the honor of being there mom – fits and all! 

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Today I feel HANGRY! 

As I sit here I realize I did not take in necessary calories today. This morning I missed breakfast because we were running late, then missed lunch at work due to getting busy and dinner was over run by cubscouts. UGH! I did eat my snack which was turkey and cheese cubes. 

So here I am at 8 pm thinking about how I’m am so hungry which in turn has made me snippy with those around me.  I know I could eat now as it’s about calories in versus time of day so I guess I’ll have something small.

Tomorrow I’ll do better! 

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Food, food, blah…..

I’m trying to avoid a food rut. It’s so easy to get in a routine and eat the same meal every day. It takes work to plan things out and with three littles at home often times I do not have the energy or desire to plan out elaborate meals each week. Let take a look at a day in the life:
5:15 Up for the day, shower and get myself ready for work. Pack my children’s lunches and get their clothes ready for school. 

6:15 Wake up the kiddos, get them dressed and packed for school, cook breakfast and get out the door. 

7:15 Out the door to drop 2 off at school and one to at the babysitter. 

8-4 Work (unless I have to pick up the kiddos from school cause hubby is working in which case I leave work at 2:30 and pick them up and work the rest of my day at home).

4:30-7:30 Depending on the day of the week we have dance, archery, Cubscouts and Daisies during this time. Oh and I also try to cook dinner during this time. Thank goodness for food prep and the crockpot.  

7:30-8 Speed baths, books and bed time.   
All of that hinges on it being an ideal day where everything goes smoothly. I am so thankful for Tuesday’s and Friday’s (typically activity free) as they allow me breathing room.  

After that schedule would you want to meal prep? The answer for me is no. Even though my answer is no I know that if I do not plan out lunches on Sunday evening the whole week is thrown off and I struggle to stay on track.  
Sunday evenings I wash and prepare vegetables, fruits, count out snack for the children’s lunches and decide what I will pack for the first half of the week for lunch. This works for me but I know it is not practical for everyone. I always feel good knowing I have the best plan laid out on Sunday night and I am ready for the week. 
Before I began embracing a low carb lifestyle packing lunches was easier because I would just pack anything that I thought tasted delicious (cookies, crackers, chips, a freezer meal, etc.). Now I’m realizing this was probably not beneficial in any way. Here I am on Wednesday needing to pack lunches for the last two days of the week. Do I eat the same thing I have eaten the last three days? That’s what’s easy. BUT I know myself and if I do not change things up I am going to fall off the wagon. I just keep reminding myself that nothing abut a drastic diet adjustment is easy. So, what do I eat for lunch??? 

I have been considering making chili. As I am watching carbohydrates, I think I’d put more meat in my chili then I typically do and would keep it fairly basic. Tomato sauce, beans, meat and chili seasoning. It would run about 12 carbs which means I would need to be mindful with breakfast and dinner but it would add the much needed variety to my life. 

Anyone out there with any awesome lunch ideas that are low carb feel free to share! 
Until tomorrow. Stay positive and let’s all continue on this rocky, glorious path! 

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Bad Choices

Slip ups happen. I find them so frustrating but know that one slip up is not the end. It is a time to move forward and learn. 

I stayed within my calorie limit but went way over my carb limit today. Instead of my 15 carbs I ate 35. 

With that being said I am moving forward.  In the past I’d slip up and it would be a downward cycle. Not this time. Even if I was over 2000 calories I’d only have a 1/2 pound gain. That being said I have the rest of the week to make up for this error. 

Forging on! 

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Daily Struggles

As I sit here and reflect on the past few days I realize how difficult this journey is going to be. All the online searches you do make dieting and lifestyle changes seem so easy – “Lose 20 pounds in one month” or  “Lose 10 inches in 30 minutes a day” they say.    I am here to tell you it is not easy. It is a struggle, a daily one.     Each day I have an internal battle with myself regarding food. It sounds something like this in my head:

I want to eat that [chocolate, cookies, donuts, cake, chips, etc].  You do not need it. One little piece won’t hurt you.   Stop it.    It’s just one day.   Nooooo.  

Typically, I have been able to avoid these urges and it has definitely taught me that I need to revisit my relationship with food.  I find I often want to get something to eat when I am stressed, bored, tired or happy.   I have realized that eating for me is linked to my emotions and this will be the hardest things for me to overcome.

For now when I am thinking about mindless snacking I have been replacing the above cookies, chocolate or chips with carrots or cucumbers or any other healthy snack on my list of foods that I created  for myself.  That being said I have to work on the core issue that caused me to link food to emotions and use it as a coping mechanism.  So, what coping mechanism am I going to be using to replace my unhealthy relationship with food?    That is a good question.   I am working on that but for now I have replaced it with writing, exercising, cleaning or playing with my children just to name a few. Or if it is late and I should be in bed, I do just that and go to bed.

This is a journey that we all can take. We can do it.  It definitely takes a village.

Today’s meals:


2 eggs, cheddar cheese and two sausage links


6 oz. of chicken breast, 3 cups of romaine and one serving of dressing


6 oz. of chicken breast, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and 1/2 cup of broccoli


Cucumbers, Sliced Deli Meat

I hope today is a wonderful day for you and that you are also able to take small steps towards reaching your goals and dreams.  As cliché as it sounds I am taking it one day at a time – baby steps.

Until tomorrow find the beauty that is all around you!