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Perseverance = Results 

I have not posted in quite some time. I am still on track and my body has been transforming before my eyes. I found a friend who has turned into a fabulous health coach. She introduced me to BOD and ladies and gentleman this is my transformation: 

Excuse the mess. But wowzer. In the two weeks and three days in this challenge group I have dropped 26 inches. I won’t be stopping there. 

I am still carb cycling and that has been going well. I got a spiralizer and have been making ‘pasta!’ Best kitchen gadget purchase in a while.

I do believe the most important thing I have learned in the past three months is dedication pays off and as a Mom it is OKAY to take time to myself! 

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What do you do when you are on the go?

Working in a job that requires lots of travel can be a struggle.  There are so many convenience restaurants and stores all around. Most stores do not have items that fit in my plan so what do I do?

The simple answer – I have to be prepared. At times I can find better choices at convenience stops but in addition to it being a struggle it can be hard on the wallet. On average even I used to purchase my lunch on the go I would spend from 10-15 dollars. That mean on an average week I used to spend 50-75 dollars on lunch – JUST FOR ME.  That is absurd.  Now I spend between 35-115 dollars a week for items for my entire family depending upon what I have in my stock. 

I now pack on the go snacks in my bags – most prepared at home and some convenience foods from my local grocery store. 

I pack items that are easy to eat in the car if needed such as cubes of grapes and celery. 

Every week I also portion out cottage cheese which is a good source of protein and low calorie. 

Lastly, I cube cheddar and portion it into one ounce portions. 

The amazing thing about making healthy choices is that my children see it and they make similar choices. 

Here’s to another week. 

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It’s a slow process!

Weight loss is a slow process. I see the scale moving down but it is frustrating when you can’t see the progress. I looked through all my photos and realized most of my photos are of the shoulders up. I don’t like how I look in photos so I did what anyone would do! I avoid them. I also do not have any mirrors in my home. I know that it’s ridiculous.

I want to document this process of losing the second person attached go my body. So I did what any mom would do an enlisted the talent of my 5 year old to take a photo of me. 

Okay, I know we’ve seen peoples before and after photos in sports bras and shorts- well not here. I put on my short term goal dress. It looks awful – for now! Please keep in mind this photo is after I have lost 20 pounds (something I’m proud of)! 

I know by this point your probably saying just show the damn photo…. 

I have some work to do! But I’m ready to do that work. 

Forging on! Taking baby steps. And I guess now weekly photos. ūüė¨

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Food Prep and Progess

As I said last week prepping is key for me. What’s amazing is that with my food planned out I save so much. I can feed my whole family for less than $80/week! And we eat well! 

This week we will be eating a cheesy cauliflower casserole, vegetable soup, salad, buffalo drizzled cauliflower, a sour cream/salsa dip, strawberries and radishes. 

I’ll be in honest I never enjoyed the idea of devoting time to cook on Sunday’s until I realized the benefits. I spend 2-3 hours and feed my family well for the first half of the week. 

What really helps when you prep like this is having a theme or a few recipes with minimal steps. 

I try to make something that cooks in one pot for at least one dish – this week my soup! 

To keep it low carb ingredients include: chicken stock, cauliflower (surprise!), carriers, broccoli, corn and 1/2 cup of pasta which made for a total of 8 servings. The smell was amazing and best part ALL three of my kiddos ate it. They said it was, “delicious.”

Our other meal for the week is rich and delicious. Once it is done cooking and played I add a drizzle of Franks Red Hot Sauce! All you need is 1/2 cup and you’re filled up! Cauliflower, cheese, ground turkey and bacon – how can you go wrong?  YUM.

I enjoy finding a good recipe maker online where I can input ingredients and get my calorie and carb totals.  

Now let’s talk progress. I have made some progress so I am going to briefly celebrate my victory – I have lost a total of 18lbs since cleaning up my diet. Here’s hoping for another 50! I have come to terms that I did not put weight on overnight so it’ll take time to take off weight and see progress. My ultimate goal for the moment is around 100 pounds but I am hoping to be down 50 by July 4th.  Baby steps. 

Have an awesome week. 

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Meal Prep Sunday 

Yesterday, I say down and went through recipes to figure out lunch for this week. 

I then made a shopping list which I sort based upon where I locate items in my local grocery store. This saves me times and also helps me avoid going through unnecessary aisles where I king pick up something that is not needed. 

It was a small list this week. In general since I’ve transitioned to a low carb lifestyle my grocery bill has reduced.

After going to the store I came home and began prepping. I like to get all my ingredients together and then cook!  

I cooked up my bacon and then made my soup for the week. It had basic ingredients and is low carb. 

Once I’m done I package everything for the week. I get out my food scale and my awesome snack bags that have measurements on them. 

Once I’m done I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am ready for a stress free week! 

Here in these containers is soup for lunch until Wednesday and cottage cheese which is high in protein! In my snack bags I have measured out cheddar cubes, turkey, steak cubes, beef jerky and bacon. These protein packed snacks not only work for me but also my children. 

I also prep fruit and veggies for the family.

Here to a wonderful week ahead! 

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Cheat Day versus Cheat Meal

Which one sounds better to you? For me, I’d love a cheat day but when I actually think about it know that for me it would be an awful idea. Why would you work so hard to stay on track and then have a free for all. Been there, done that. Turns into a cheat week for me and then a cheat month. A cheat day works for some but not for me! I’m weak – for now. I presume one day when I am able to commit to clean eating for longer then 6 months I’ll be able to have a cheat day once in a while.  

For now, I’m going to avoid cheat days and meals. I’m going with the ever popular once in a while snack. I think this will work for me. With that being said who needs a cheat meal or day when you can have bacon on the ketogenic diet! 

How do you handle cravings? I’ve realized the longer I’m eating ‘clean’ the fewer cravings I have. If I do have a craving I’m easily able to squash it with some protein and water! 

Hopefully, I don’t give in to every last food desire. My all time favorite food is buffalo chicken salad! It’s definitely doable and lo carb. Later the weekend I’ll share meal prep and the ideas for lunches I’ve decided on to help me stay on track! 

Until tomorrow! 

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Daily Struggles

As I sit here and reflect on the past few days I realize how difficult this journey is going to be. All the online searches you do make dieting and lifestyle¬†changes seem so easy – “Lose 20 pounds in one month”¬†or¬† “Lose 10 inches in 30 minutes a day” they say.¬†¬†¬† I am here to tell you it is not easy. It is a struggle, a daily one.¬†¬†¬†¬† Each day I have an internal battle with¬†myself regarding food. It sounds something like this in my head:

I want to eat that [chocolate, cookies, donuts, cake, chips, etc].¬† You do not need it. One little piece won’t hurt you.¬†¬† Stop it.¬†¬†¬† It’s just one day.¬†¬† Nooooo.¬†¬†

Typically, I have been able to avoid these urges and it has definitely taught me that I need to revisit my relationship with food.  I find I often want to get something to eat when I am stressed, bored, tired or happy.   I have realized that eating for me is linked to my emotions and this will be the hardest things for me to overcome.

For now when I am thinking about mindless snacking I have been replacing the above cookies, chocolate or chips with carrots or cucumbers or any other healthy snack on my list of foods that I created  for myself.  That being said I have to work on the core issue that caused me to link food to emotions and use it as a coping mechanism.  So, what coping mechanism am I going to be using to replace my unhealthy relationship with food?    That is a good question.   I am working on that but for now I have replaced it with writing, exercising, cleaning or playing with my children just to name a few. Or if it is late and I should be in bed, I do just that and go to bed.

This is a journey that we all can take. We can do it.  It definitely takes a village.

Today’s meals:


2 eggs, cheddar cheese and two sausage links


6 oz. of chicken breast, 3 cups of romaine and one serving of dressing


6 oz. of chicken breast, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and 1/2 cup of broccoli


Cucumbers, Sliced Deli Meat

I hope today is a wonderful day for you and that you are also able to take small steps towards reaching your goals and dreams.  As cliché as it sounds I am taking it one day at a time Рbaby steps.

Until tomorrow find the beauty that is all around you!


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The Journey Ahead

Recently, after looking in the mirror and continuously having clothing not fit I made the decision that it was time for a change. In the past three years my weight has crept up slowly and I have be in a cyclic pattern of yo-yo diets. So, what will be different this time? Will I gain back all the weight plus another 20 pounds? Only time will tell but I can say that right now I am in a much different place so I do believe I will be able to stick to it. I do not have 10 ‘friends’ in my ear trying to sell me weight loss products which prompt a short term diet (or should I say I’m ignoring them). THIS IS MY CHOICE! I also have my husbands support this time and he is making the lifestyle changes with me.

So, at this point you must be wondering what I am doing. Well, my husband had the BRILLIANT idea of trying the steak and eggs diet to kick off this lifestyle change and rid our bodies of all toxic processed items. That happened for 1.5 days before I reasoned with him and we got on a more sustainable food plan. I mean on the steak and eggs plan I was not hungry but I knew it would not be a long term solution to a long term problem. In the first few days of that plan the scale did go down.

We are now doing a ketogenic plan which is much more sustainable. I mean what meal plan can you eat sausage and eggs with cheddar for breakfast. So here I go starting day three. My first day home alone as my husband works and I’m still on vacation. My meals are planned out and I am READY!!
Today’s meal plan:


Eggs with Cheddar (3 eggs)

2 McKenzie Sausage Links

3 cups romaine

2 oz. Turkey


Hard boiled egg

1/2 cup cottage cheese

Chicken Breast

1 cup Cauliflower


Sliced deli meat