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It’s a slow process!

Weight loss is a slow process. I see the scale moving down but it is frustrating when you can’t see the progress. I looked through all my photos and realized most of my photos are of the shoulders up. I don’t like how I look in photos so I did what anyone would do! I avoid them. I also do not have any mirrors in my home. I know that it’s ridiculous.

I want to document this process of losing the second person attached go my body. So I did what any mom would do an enlisted the talent of my 5 year old to take a photo of me. 

Okay, I know we’ve seen peoples before and after photos in sports bras and shorts- well not here. I put on my short term goal dress. It looks awful – for now! Please keep in mind this photo is after I have lost 20 pounds (something I’m proud of)! 

I know by this point your probably saying just show the damn photo…. 

I have some work to do! But I’m ready to do that work. 

Forging on! Taking baby steps. And I guess now weekly photos. šŸ˜¬



I am a mom of 3 littles and one fur baby. I work full time at a job I love. I am currently beginning a ketogenic diet so I can change my lifestyle and relationship with food! I am on a voyage to lose weight so I am able to be more active and present for my family.

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