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Cheat Day versus Cheat Meal

Which one sounds better to you? For me, I’d love a cheat day but when I actually think about it know that for me it would be an awful idea. Why would you work so hard to stay on track and then have a free for all. Been there, done that. Turns into a cheat week for me and then a cheat month. A cheat day works for some but not for me! I’m weak – for now. I presume one day when I am able to commit to clean eating for longer then 6 months I’ll be able to have a cheat day once in a while.  

For now, I’m going to avoid cheat days and meals. I’m going with the ever popular once in a while snack. I think this will work for me. With that being said who needs a cheat meal or day when you can have bacon on the ketogenic diet! 

How do you handle cravings? I’ve realized the longer I’m eating ‘clean’ the fewer cravings I have. If I do have a craving I’m easily able to squash it with some protein and water! 

Hopefully, I don’t give in to every last food desire. My all time favorite food is buffalo chicken salad! It’s definitely doable and lo carb. Later the weekend I’ll share meal prep and the ideas for lunches I’ve decided on to help me stay on track! 

Until tomorrow! 



I am a mom of 3 littles and one fur baby. I work full time at a job I love. I am currently beginning a ketogenic diet so I can change my lifestyle and relationship with food! I am on a voyage to lose weight so I am able to be more active and present for my family.

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