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Today I feel HANGRY! 

As I sit here I realize I did not take in necessary calories today. This morning I missed breakfast because we were running late, then missed lunch at work due to getting busy and dinner was over run by cubscouts. UGH! I did eat my snack which was turkey and cheese cubes. 

So here I am at 8 pm thinking about how I’m am so hungry which in turn has made me snippy with those around me.  I know I could eat now as it’s about calories in versus time of day so I guess I’ll have something small.

Tomorrow I’ll do better! 



I am a mom of 3 littles and one fur baby. I work full time at a job I love. I am currently beginning a ketogenic diet so I can change my lifestyle and relationship with food! I am on a voyage to lose weight so I am able to be more active and present for my family.

4 thoughts on “Today I feel HANGRY! 

      1. Gotcha. See if you can up it tomorrow. You probably know this already, but hunger pangs and thirst feel just about the same. One trick is to drink an 8oz glass of water when you feel ‘hungry’ and wait about 15-20 mins. If you are still hungry, then yes, it’s most definitely hunger. If you are then ‘ok’, you were thirsty. Good luck and keep up the great work! 🙂

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