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The Journey Ahead

Recently, after looking in the mirror and continuously having clothing not fit I made the decision that it was time for a change. In the past three years my weight has crept up slowly and I have be in a cyclic pattern of yo-yo diets. So, what will be different this time? Will I gain back all the weight plus another 20 pounds? Only time will tell but I can say that right now I am in a much different place so I do believe I will be able to stick to it. I do not have 10 ‘friends’ in my ear trying to sell me weight loss products which prompt a short term diet (or should I say I’m ignoring them). THIS IS MY CHOICE! I also have my husbands support this time and he is making the lifestyle changes with me.

So, at this point you must be wondering what I am doing. Well, my husband had the BRILLIANT idea of trying the steak and eggs diet to kick off this lifestyle change and rid our bodies of all toxic processed items. That happened for 1.5 days before I reasoned with him and we got on a more sustainable food plan. I mean on the steak and eggs plan I was not hungry but I knew it would not be a long term solution to a long term problem. In the first few days of that plan the scale did go down.

We are now doing a ketogenic plan which is much more sustainable. I mean what meal plan can you eat sausage and eggs with cheddar for breakfast. So here I go starting day three. My first day home alone as my husband works and I’m still on vacation. My meals are planned out and I am READY!!
Today’s meal plan:


Eggs with Cheddar (3 eggs)

2 McKenzie Sausage Links

3 cups romaine

2 oz. Turkey


Hard boiled egg

1/2 cup cottage cheese

Chicken Breast

1 cup Cauliflower


Sliced deli meat



I am a mom of 3 littles and one fur baby. I work full time at a job I love. I am currently beginning a ketogenic diet so I can change my lifestyle and relationship with food! I am on a voyage to lose weight so I am able to be more active and present for my family.

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